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    There's been sdome comment/speculation here around what Farjoy's role might be going forward and what their current holding % is. Can anyone post something definitive on Farjoy's holding? I will email FAR to see if I can get a current top 20. In the meantime my reading of what has actually been officially released is that in the AR as at 23 March Farjoy had 404m shares = 10.964%. Since then we had the CR on 15 April of around 705m shares at 8.5 cent taking total shares on issue (excluding options etc) of 4,423m. The maths there is that IF Farjoy did not take up any shares in the CR their % holding would now be 9.15% (404m/4,413m). As this would have represented a 1.81% change in holding we should have been notified. So the ONLY possibilities are that Farjoy took up their full allocation and remain at 10.964% or they took up part of their allocation. Anything more than a 1% change has to be notified to ASX I think so Farjoy must at the very least be sitiing just a fraction of a % under 10% which would be bizzarre given the added leverage and startegic importance of being at 10% or more.


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