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far too much paranoia on the rsl thread

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    Far too much paranoia on this thread....people are worried about nucleur waste and nucleur power, yet they are happy to keep burning fossel fuels and destroy the environment, kill forrests and spill oil into the ocean which has killed thousands of species....ROBMILLION you are looking at the negativces of Nucleur power.....always remember for "every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"....good or bad, right or wrong.....its the politicians that will decide . NOT US.....people have to accept the fact that it is a whole nation that makes changes not just a select few moaners and groaners........U308 is here to stay and will continue to do so , while we ponder on how to destroy and /or nuturalize the Nucleur waste...
    Then we have the people who dont seem to think that RSL can do any good because they have no results yet...well to you lot "rome wasnt built in a day" and neither will RSL.

    iVE pointred out that RLS have a working programme going forward for 2008 and wont have drill targets until 3rd or 4 th quarter thaty makes them low risk at current proices as we dont have anything to measure their performance as yet , but with each and every future announcement that shows a positive outcome , will bring confidence which should reflect in the shareprice.............over and out!!
    cheers JAM
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