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    morning Dex

    yes, I understand ----- I understand tribalism and I believe that humans can regress from team to tribe very rapidly.

    the problem I see is that whilst we were able to survive something as big and bad as WW2

    that was 7 and a half decades ago - in that time weaponry has increased massively  so much that we can make all of WW2 damage look like a small mess after a 4 year olds birthday party

    where does that leave us for a future wide conflict? 

    By far the very best way of avoiding it is to have a united Europe - and, by extension, a united world - because, without it - we are basically stuffed.

    We were able to survive 2 world wars -- I seriously doubt if we could survive WW3 with what we have now --

    even without nucs being used

    Anyone who doubts what firecrackers we have now should take a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia ---

    then think - wow, that was 50 years ago - things have moved on massively technologically from there -

    sure, they survived - indeed, they won - but, the cost to all concerned is really almost unbelievable

    I cannot get over the stupidity of it all --- WW1 ------- three idiotic cousins - WW2 - the rise of an idiot because of French emotional rebound after WW2 - then, Vietnam - because of idiotic American fears of 'commo's  (so much for the fear, seeing they won  - I haven't seen them overrun Australia yet).

    The internet joke I see really tells me the story about humans -

    (something like this) -- As an alien spaceship flies by earth - one alien says 'they've got nucs, are they an advanced enough intelligence to be a risk to us?' - the other one says 'na, they have them pointed at themselves'

    pretty much tells the story crystal clear to me 

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