you hadn't noticed that the right lop sided Liberals of...

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    you hadn't noticed that the right lop sided Liberals of Australia just got walloped to hell in a couple of elections?

    so much for balance --- if the Libs went to the next election with the Abbotts and Duttons they would be wiped off the map

    they are probably going go get a good doing over anyway

    our 'conservatives' need to buy a calendar ------------ a present one - one that says 2019 --- not 1950

    travel OS these days and the one thing that just slaps you in the face is that ---------- in not so many years, the rest of the world has moved on --------- Oz is stuck in the mire

    even this latest thing with the woman gaining Canadian asylum --

    the Canadians processed it with 48 hours or so ------------ Dutton is still doing up his fly after taking a poop

    it's just an example -------- the world moves whilst Australia moves at a snails pace

    wanna see some other right wing lunacy?? - go no further than Italy -

    now right wing -- what does it do?

    Raises pensions, lowers the pension age and drops tax ------------------ hmmmmmmm -that'll work
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