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    I'd much rather be in a smaller like minded homogenous country than part of a "united" diverse collective where my peoples thoughts dont agree with HQ.

    Over half of the 100 million deaths attributed to communism were due to famine, the communist regimes caused famines through collectivised controlled food production and systematic use as a weapon by controlling the food supply and distributing food on a political basis. Getty states that "in the period after 1918, only Communist countries experienced such famines, which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands, and in some cases millions, of people. And again in the 1980s, two African countries that claimed to be Marxist-Leninist, Ethiopia and Mozambique, were the only such countries to suffer these deadly famines

    Claiming that we can think as one in a global utopia is nonsense and should be rejected. The only way thats going to happen is mass genocide and forced inter-breeding and indoctrination and reprogramming systems.

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