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    The report contains largely repeat information. The difference this time is the audience reading it. Some of this data has probably not been seen in the one place by the large number of new shareholders.I'll be surprised if we don't get a real kick over the next week and the coming weeks until the Kora spud.Things are finally coming to fruition and hope all long termers like myself finally have our day(s).I'm selling a few on the way but retain enough to keep me for the rest of my life.Good luck to all!!Those that held during the Shell disaster deserve the change in luck IMO. Like most of you I'm intending to hold a good number throughout the Kora drill. The CSEM means hydrocarbons are almost certainly there. I'm holding for a commercial find. If that happens FAR might easily do better than Hardman!This well is at least a 50% chance with the Senegal and G-B leases to come.
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