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TA at play - someone is accumulating as much as can be before...

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    TA at play - someone is accumulating as much as can be before drilling (basically setting up). Good time to trade as once the registry is polished up and we approach info ascertaining phase of the drill, the tight hole will be porous. Remember the last drill and our movement past the fabled liw 6c hurdle. Replace that with the 11c level. Ta will be used extensively by majors to accumulate. Like i said should retest the gap at 9.1 .it mught evem retest ma200 8.7 and attempt to tree shake. This will dry up and then as we progress into the drill Once the shares dry up they eill be forced to accumulate thru to 11c. More trading then providing good news thru the tight hole pre announcement we should ease thru 11c and thry congested area. If things go to pkan by the time an announcemebt occurs this could be set at 12-14 range if nees is positive. Then on announcement a spike into. So watch for the 11c mark for Lt holders and the ease of passage.
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