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What an interesting month December is likely to be. There are so...

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    What an interesting month December is likely to be. There are so many catalysts that could boost the SP.

    1.) If we lose PE - the SP will go up. Why? because the uncertainty will finally be over and will greatly assist with getting funding finalised.

    2.) FID / funding announcements should be imminent

    3.) The potential of winning in the ICC and getting some kind of settlement figure.

    4.) Drilling to commence early 2020

    Plus all the other imminent announcements that have been alluded to in recent announcement and investor presentations.

    Of course the SP is low - the market hates uncertainty and it is waiting on FID/ finance and the outcome of PE - amongst other things.

    I expect a significant boost to the SP (whether we win or lose). As soon as the uncertainty is gone - the SP will rise.

    I just wish I had purchased at these prices!

    As for the 'happy clappers' - many of us old timers are still here, waiting and watching. Many of us put this stock 'in the bottom draw' - especially considering first oil was originally scheduled for 2021/22 - hence why I am only now resurfacing.

    Sadly, around the same time the 'PE' situation happened... this forum was filled with a number of posters that 'don't own shares' but find the time literally on a daily basis (including weekends) to constantly provide negative, sarcastic rhetoric about members of this forum, shareholders and at times management.

    Many of us old timers are still here. We might not post much, but we are here.

    Remember: Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

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