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    Now the Quarterly is out it's perhaps a good time to revise the Calendar.

    Q1 : Very important as it should give us the updated contingent resouces on FAN and SNE .

    Should also get the commencement of 2D on our L6 onshore lease.

    Could get the commencement of 3D in WA.

    Q2: Very important Quarter also as we are expecting news on the planned appraisal program late april.

    Possibly some siesmec news on L6 onshore and WA.

    Q3: This could be the Quarter appraisal begins on SNE would likely be near the end if it did

    Perhaps the start of the appraisal well in GB but that also could move into Q4.

    Perhaps more Siesmec news on L6 onshore and WA

    Farmin news for L6 offshore again this could move to Q4.

    Q4: The fun really begins if it hasn't started already, with the appraisal drilling of SNE and we have a good chance of at least one being finshed and another started in this Quarter , nerves will be appraised and tested as well..

    Appraisal well in GB and we could also have results of that in this Quarter.

    L6 offshore farmin news if it didn't happen in the previous Quarter.

    So beyond any number of left field events that CN and her team or the markets come up with or changes of current plans, that should cover the likely main events in 2015 IMO.

    What could 2016 come up with: The mind boggles but the three things on my wish list are:

    1: The one we really want is a declaration of commercial status for SNE and commencement of a development plan and and hopefully starting work on long lead time work with production starting late 2017 or early 2018.

    2: A successfull exploration well in the BH prospect.

    3: An appraisal well in the FAN prospect.

    I note the Quarterly suggested a 3 well appraisal/ exploration program on the top shelf (might find some premium single malt up there as well LOL) and an option for further wells. My interpretation of that would be in they had success with SNE and even more so with BH they may just continue on up there and put FAN appraisal further down the list ...I will take whatever.

    So hold onto your hats it's going to be an interesting year coming up and looks to get better as the year goes on...

    Cheers Whisky.
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