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    Australian residents only please.
    This petition is conducted on behalf of all children that have been effected by separation or divorce and have not been supported by the Australian Family Law act. Bills are being introduced to parliament, to reform the act, so it will give equal partners from marriage equal rights and give our children the right to equal parents.

    The Family Law Act as it stands is highly flawed when it comes to protecting the interests of our nations children. It needs to be written in a way that gives both parents equal grounding. If both parents have equal capabilities and desire to support their children, and can be arranged in a way that suits the best interest of our children, then surely the law must be written in a way that will enforce this rather than restrict it. There are many reports and studies to prove that children that come from broken families with occasional or no visitation to the second parent are more likely to commit suicide, commit crime and develop social and behavioral problems. There are also many reports to prove that a shared care structure is highly beneficial to our children.

    If the Family Law Court were forced to focus on shared care from the outset, it would place both parents on equal legal grounding. If both parents are in a situation where they are able to provide a happy stable home for our children and that the children have a close relationship with both parents, then surely isn’t this the just outcome?

    Shared care would encourage parents to use the mediation process to reach an amicable arrangement, as both parties have equal legal rights, they also have equal negotiating power. The courts could also be encouraged to enforce mediation. This would clearly result in more parenting plans being reached out of court and greatly free up the pressure on our Family Court system. The law however needs to be changed in a way that not only protects the rights of future family concerns, but also corrects the mistakes that it has caused in the past. There are many broken families in Australia that need the system to support them.

    I urge you to support this petition with the same passion that I have used to write it. The system to this point has not supported my child, or myself. This is not a male versus female issue. The situation could have been easily reversed and it would be just as unfair to my wife. Please support this petition with the high importance it so rightly deserves.

    If you support the unjust of the Family Law Act, a fairer Nation for our children and their right to equal time with both parents, then please take the minute to fill in your details at the following link and forward this email to EVERYONE. Our children are depending on you.
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