critical thinking you’re demonstrating there Hafnium.FYI...

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    critical thinking you’re demonstrating there Hafnium.

    FYI Hafnium, here’s the start of Glikson’s CV and publications record. It can be found at

    i didn’t think it was necessary to go back to 1958, but now that you mention it. Top stuff Hafnium.

    “Andrew Glikson (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.) CV and Publications records to May 2018

    Andrew Glikson – CV

    1958-1962 - Studies toward the B.Sc. degree in geology, mineralogy-petrology and geography. B.Sc. - 1962.
    1962-1964 - Studies and thesis work toward the M.Sc. degree, Thesis: structure of the northern Syrian-African rift valley.
    1964-1968 - Thesis work toward the Ph.D degree. Thesis title: The Archaean geosynclinal succession between Coolgardie and Kurrawang, near Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Ph.D. - 1968.”

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