Perhaps you should actually read the article....The plot...

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    Perhaps you should actually read the article..

    ..The plot thickens: Elsevier has a shameful history of “shilling” for Merck

    The questionable retraction of Luján’s article is not the only scandal in Elsevier’s history.

    According to an article in Ghost Ship Media, Elsevier was paid by Merck & Co. to manufacture and distribute two journals specifically created to market Merck’s drugs. Designed to resemble legitimate, peer-reviewed publications, the bogus journals were actually a collection of favorable studies involving Merck’s Vioxx, an anti-inflammatory medication.

    Vioxx, of course, was withdrawn from the market after research showed that it increased the risk of heart attack and stroke.

    In other words, the journals were merely paid advertising for Merck (although any reference to Merck & Co. was nowhere to be seen in the printed journals).

    Although Elsevier said it regretted the “unacceptable practice,” the company was never penalized in any way. In addition, no system or agency exists to keep this sort of ethical breach from happening again..

    This is sadly indicative of the now established and accepted practice of corrupted, captured and co-opted scientific journals, academics, universities and agencies;

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