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    Hey Welkin31,

    I agree with the intent of your question. I’m similarly pessimistic on the WPIOP. Super’s first point is spot on.

    If you think about new mine development in this area, along these lines (pardon the pun), with the current io price, if bci do 'park' bucklands as i suspect, it may be for some time.

    Sadly now, all of this is tied directly to the io price and its future direction.

    In the current pricing environment with the big three having such low productions costs (main reason - rail access) and huge supplies, any ‘new’ development will be a risk and will struggle to get funding.

    Additionally, in bci’s specific case, their SH’s have become accustomed to receiving generous dividends and many have or are buying for yield (why is beyond me….) – it’s a brave ceo & board that will take those divies away…..


    Please dyor
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Currently unlisted public company.

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