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Falling io price to encourage another bidder....???, page-16

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    Just tuned in - thanks for this detailed reply - much appreciated. Have found out, meanwhile, about the 12th Sept/Wroxby date - recalling back to a few years back - when this stock was at 2.70 - and I was in my "Oh no, don't sell now - it'll head much higher" self "dill"usional greedy fog.

    Sadly I've been too ill (flu - this vaccination prrof dire bug!)lu to even bear looking at stock screens during the first days of this takeover first being announced. Everyone seemed to be happy. And some (not on here) telling me this was GREAT. This obviously someone's play thing - but as usual, never the basic (and loyal) stockholders.

    Yes, agree best to wait until Sept 12th - see which way Wroxby decide.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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