fallguy and his brush

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    Fallguy is the sherif of Texas, right? So he's walking along in the middle of the day, in the middle of the street, in the middle of the town and there, suddenly, before him, he sees THE President, Mr Brush - walking along, all naked and with an errection (of sorts).
    "Mr Brush!" says Fallguy. "Why... you're naked! In the middle of the town, too! What happened?"
    Mr Brush looks calmly at him (read here moronically) and says, "I'm a patient man, I'm a patient man!"
    Mr Fallguy didn't think he heard right. "What do you mean, Mr President?"
    More silly looks from the President before he says, "Well, I met this beautiful lady who took me to her home, andressed me, then undressed herself, jumped onto her bed, spead her legs sooooo wide and said, 'yooohoooo! Go to town cowboy! So here I am! I'm a patient man, I can wait!"

    aaardently in love with peace, justice, a good sense of humour and now geffa!
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