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    Recommended reading for all here who ever thought this bloke had any good intentions.
    His true feelings of pure hatred for humanity shine through in this post.
    No longer any reason for anyone to doubt his true intentions.
    I suggest everyone put him on ignore or at least refrain from replying to any post he makes as the man is an intellectual cripple, a bigot, an animal who hates just about everyone. He could be Martin Bryant, Charles Manson or Saddam Hussien, as he is clearly a psychopath.
    Dave R.

    Subject re: blair wants to wait? blair will lose.
    Posted 10/01/03 21:09 - 286 reads
    Posted by FallGuy
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    Well I hope the US get an unexpected bloody nose and suffer huge financial loss and disastrous casualties - sufficient to blow the dimwit president out of office and keep the Republicans out of contention for a decade.

    It's a pity Iraq hasn't got nuclear weapons so the whole invasion and regime change scenario would not be happening. Small but independent powers will now be secretly busting a gut to acquire nukes simply to hold the US at bay - otherwise they will be rightfully fearful of military intervention and interference from the US - a whole new colonial era is starting, unless this current action is a failure. I hope it is.

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