fall guy, oliveoyl et al - how's about an answer..

  1. Yak
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    I asked in a previous post (that has had 120+ reads) the following:

    "The question I'd like you to answer as well as FG gaweb et al is this

    When in the history of mankind have we had peace? When has not the rule of the sword been paramount?
    .....And when has not the adage of "might makes right" not reigned supreme?"

    No answer.....be nice to hear what you reply.

    Seems to me this is the crux of the issue.

    Historically and without pause, it's man's way to be in conflict.

    Probably - certainly - in the DNA of the race

    The trick, if you like, to survive, is to be on the side that prevails.

    Not to debate which side or should there be a side.

    And...I sure as hell hope that after all is said and done and if John Howard commits our troops abroad, then even if you have been argueing against this course of action you unequivocally support the men and women that have been sent in harm's way for you and yours.

    Argue till your blue in the face but you'd better be behind them when they go!!!!!!
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