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    Snooks - early Falkland history - first landed by the Brits in 1690 and claimed it for the crown. No prior landings or claims.

    1522, 1592
    Argentine versions state that various Spanish and Portuguese seamen, were first to see the islands. The most documented case is that of Esteban Gómez on the ship San Antonio of the famous Spanish expedition headed by Magellan, who discovers the isles while returning to Spain in 1522. Argentine historian Maria Laura San Martino de Dromi lists maps dated 1522 through 1561 showing the Malvinas off the mainland coast.

    According the Encyclopedia Britannica (an American source probably leaning toward the English), the English navigator John Davis on the Desire (1592) may (note emphasis) have been the first person to sight the Falklands.

    Circa 1600
    The Dutchman Sebald de Weerdt makes the first undisputed sighting of the islands.

    The English captain John Strong heading a British expedition made the first recorded landing in the Falklands, in 1690. The British claim the islands for the crown and named the sound between the two main islands after Viscount Falkland, a British naval official. The name was later applied to the whole island group

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