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    I have not posted in MED for many months now & I find it quite amusing to watch the squealing & reporting from posters and the press re: MED and the Gutnick family.

    Plenty of people out there with their daggers drawn....
    If you are a current shareholder no one put a gun to your head to invest. Based on recent history you were well aware how Gutnick runs his companies and assessed the risk/reward ratio before investing....

    If you are not a shareholder, although you have a right to post in the MED forum on HC, there is  no need to spew your hatred  & making conclusions without being fully informed !

    There is justification for being dissatisfied with past information released to the ASX by the company especially re: the AXIS account  but leave it to ASIC to ascertain if there have been any contraventions of the Corporations Law.

    I believe that ASIC will not find any contraventions when they conclude their investigations.

    Notwithstanding any of the above, I hope that MED will be re-instated in coming weeks which will give all dissatisfied shareholders an opportunity to dispose of their shareholding. 

    When/if  MED gets re-instated they will be stronger and better. No AXIS, additional independent directors & better acceptable corporate governance.
    Most importantly, a NEW PHASE of diamond production for the company.
    My only concern is the need of $1-2 million to get to this next phase. 

    The company with the help of Gutnick should  manage to raise the required funds .....

    If we get to this new phase of commissioning of new scrubber & DMS plant post wet season (April 2019) we can move towards processing of 100k tonnes of ore per month. 

    I dare say if the above happens  all you Gutnick (MED) baggers will forget about the past & will be back buying the stock at 1 cent + !!

    Make Merlin Great Again  ! MMGA  !  Go out & buy your MMGA yarmulke. Hopefully we will get better performance than the Melbourne footy club.

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