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faith friday

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    aye, keep the faith all ye bulls, tho the dust cloud from the bear stampede darkens the sun, let not the light go out in your hearts; tho your brothers and sisters have been shown to be greedy thieving rats, remember that you too might make a motza by selling into the next false hope rally; see that you have powerful forces on your side, that the devils message of recession and depression and credit catclysm shall not be heard throughout the holy land of capitalism for cnbc and bloomberg are strong in your cause; be not disheartened when your house is seized from under your family, for capitalism shall not test you beyond your banks endurance; always look on the bright side, for there is always a chance your cfd provider will lower the spread on the nite spi; lift up your faces to the RBA, lest you watch as they hack you off at the knees; beg forgiveness for the swoolen pews of the hedge funds when they use your shares they have borrowed to test the limits of your leverage account; aye, keep the faith all ye people, theres always a tall building at hand; now let us kneel and pray for a continuation of the blessings of sideways choppy action, for a good wank takes many strokes. Amen.
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