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    Can the less learned reply to your query? My reasoning for investing in ECT over time has changed over the many years but the more general answer around why I invest in the market as a whole is:

    • I invest in stocks to make money
    • I invest in stocks because I am interested in the market (so still get out positive value other than monetary value such as learning more about business to apply to my own profession or even my personal life)
    • I try to invest in companies that share values aligned with mine

    Relative to ECT:
    • It is in my portfolio as part of a strategy to have a diverse portfolio. It is part of a group of stocks that I accept some will lose and some will gain, but overall I position the holdings to come out ahead)
    • Even though the company has not made money over the years, it has been one of my highest returning stocks in my portfolio (could have made more but a company doesn't have to make money for shareholders to make money in the market). While I am not a day trader, there has been critical times with this stock (and a few others in a similar category( that allow for people to cash in, and buy the same amount of stock (or more) at lower prices, which I have done succesfully
    • More recently, particularly the last 8 months to a year, I believe the company has made concerted efforts to improve their communication, transparency and approach to announcements as well as take on-board feedback from some of the more volatile forums relating to the Australian market (online stock forums, in this case HC) and still handle it quite well
    • I believe there are a lot of opportunities that ECT has pursued, and despite missing out on them (regardless of whose fault), the management demonstrate efforts to think outside the box and recover from such missed opportunities to find their next chance at penetrating the market
    • Again, more recently, there is interesting information coming out around this company, even while in suspension, which definitely intrigues me (whether they are poisoned carrots or will truly lead to something doesn't concern me as much as others):
    • Wider exposure markets other than India and Latrobe
    • Development around WTE
    • Interest and involvement with Victorian gov to a foreign event
    • Election timing relative to current suspension

    Sure the above may all end up in nothing, but good to see management might only be sitting on one hand, rather than both as some might claim.

    There are other reasons, but hopefully by sharing some of mine I may learn from others who choose to invest in ECT.

    Your question, although possibly somewhat rhetorical, is appreciated, and hope others would like to share
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