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Coy repeatedly has said"In the Company’s opinion, continued...

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    Coy repeatedly has said
    "In the Company’s opinion, continued trading of its securities is likely to be materially prejudicial to its ability to complete its major strategic objectives."

    my interpretation of this is the SP is WELL below 0.013 and by trading without suspension SP could.most likely have ended well below 0.013....anywhere between 0.001 and 0.009
    as the delivery is still pending and worst of all being a Navrathna starus companies, IMO do not know their own internal process and time to do the internal review.

    it is only when something tangible is delivered, ECT could attract investors/traders IMO

    IMO coy has quite a few presentations which is of what value????
    ex., Dubai steel conference or something
    sure couple of other conferences in India
    now Japan
    next could be Moon, Mars, Venus......

    not sure how much of value add todays ann will generate outside of the resident scrip holders and drum beaters especially whilst in suspensionnfor ~2 months and still not sure how long, if at all.....scenarios.

    All IMO

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