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Fact, Fiction and Inbetweenn

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    This would be the title if I wrote a book on the Cudeco story. Having been in and out of the stock from the early days ,but after AUM I have never been involved with a stock that has had such a range of truths ,half truths and wild assumptions. A talented but cowboy miner, polarised shareholders, an ability to continue funding to keep the dream alive. A combination of knowledgeable and blue sky investors.
    It has got it all . Goes back to memories of Syke's book "The Money Miners"
    Having purchased and sold at a range of prices I currently hold 30k at $1.61.
    Before the latest purchase I was underwater on the trades but the tale fascinates me and I have a morbid desire to see it through.
    If the company succeeds I want to recoup losses. If it fails I want to use it as a lesson to my children.
    Invest with your head ,not your heart.
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