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    Thanks for your insightful post- those companies you mentioned all ring a bell. It's good to reflect on lessons learned in those years as you outlined.
    I was a very inexperienced investor with little to invest, investing only to supplement the family's single income. Bought only some 12,000 Qgc shares for 30c, but got too excited when it quickly reached 74 cents and sold off. Little did I know it could have become enough deposit on another investment property when prices were depressed.
    Then the GFC came, and it basically wiped out most speculative stocks - one of those I held at 14 cents became 1 cent. I didn't sell and stopped investing actively for a few years. Then resumed again when the shares I didn't sell recovered in value. Then lost close to a hundred grand before the big pay days started coming. Lots of lesson learned since then which I'm using to invest in LTR with bigger capital and smsf money. One lesson is to diversify - invest in both property and shares so that if the stock market does another GFC you'd have roof over one's head.
    Excited about the prospect of LTR which complements another one.

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