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F.S.V.H Competition

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    First Shipment Verified Hooray - Competition

    The LARF committee have convened and given the go ahead for a competition. NO entries for the competition will be accepted prior to 1st March 2015.

    Firstly the LARF committee wanted to make mention of the three LARF competition winners of last year, winner XEROF and runners up ARCHER and FREEHOLD. I am sure everyone hopes they will again test their skills in this upcoming competition.

    The F.S.V.H Competition will be awarded to the accepted entrant who is closest to the AD*, this will be the Acceptable Date (no am/pm) published by the LARF committee following confirmation of the facts (content, delivery, acceptance etc) as deemed acceptable by the LARF committee, no correspondence entered into. The committee has noted Kalen’s comments: - (Would it be better to make it first shipment to smelter of concentrate? That we could possibly get verified…) and will accept a Company confirmation of first verified shipment to smelter if provided, if not the God like committee will adjudicate.

    The F.S.V.H competition will be adjudicated by the LARF committee and all rulings by that committee are God like and beyond objections. The LARF committee will use the LARF Co ordinator (me) as its sole and exclusive agent.

    The competition will be known as the F.S.V.H Competition, standing for First-Shipment-Verified-Hooray. The LARF committee will provide further details if needed on the specifics regarding the Acceptable Date* (AD*) to adjudicate the F.S.V.H Competition winner and two runners up.

    Those wishing to enter an AD* date after the end of 2016 should enter someone else’s competition as this competition closes the earlier of the AD* or last day of 2016.

    Entries to the competition will close 31th March 2015 when a final entry list will be posted.

    Apart from the obvious massive world kudos bestowed upon the F.S.V.H Competition winner and runners up, each will receive a sash on the podium and much admiration from fellow posters.

    Best regards.
    LARF Co ordinator.

    P.S Please note: NO entries for the competition will be accepted prior to 1st March 2015, no exceptions please.
    P.P.S A reminder will be posted nearer the open date.
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