LCG 0.00% 6.0¢ living cities development group limited

f...en wonderful

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    Beats SP going down. I think we have hit the bottom. It surely can't go past the issue price of 20c so all go from here.

    Drill results expected by the end of the month (being March) so it can only go up from here. They have indicated that the current drill program is better than the first.

    What if they discover a larger deposit than the worlds largest pig iron producer Cia. Vale do Rio Doce?

    What if they sign a Joint Venture with one of the many parties they are speaking to right now?

    What of their discussions with reatil brokers?

    I know it is not the flavour of the month at the moment but FWL has the most realistic chance of succeeding from explorer to producer.

    The management is knowledable and capable so therfore, I believe it will succeed.

    Goodluck guys but we don't need it


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