EZ going backwards not forward

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    Although all the graphs and the experts from all the countries talk the talk the simple fact is the EZ is on an ever increasing downward path, Greece is not the only problem

    According to INSEE, France’s national institute for statistics, some 8.8 million people currently live in poverty in France.

    France 24

    Italy   -- Italy Youth Unemployment Rate is at 42.% Overall figure which we all know is a government adjusted figure which in practice you can probably double is at 14%

    Then there are the ever increasing social problems such as in France

    The Union of French Muslim Democrats (UDMF) has said it hopes to field candidates in eight cities in French elections next month, a modest objective for a young party with big ambitions.
    The UDMF this week filed applications to run two candidates in the Parisian suburb of Bobigny as part of local elections in March, French media reported on Thursday. The relatively new political party said it planned to do the same in seven other ballot races, including in Marseille, Lyon and Nice.

    France 24

    We hear about how the CBs are fixing the problems and all is well with just a little blip here and there but the fact is that with all these financial problems no one appears to be willing to attack the causes and fix them, the standard remedy is to print money and throw it around

    Unless someone steps up to the plate it is not going to get better all they can do is delay it again
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