Extremists - the more devout the more depraved.

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    Minor Warning: the video of moslems practicing their religion is a stomach turner (civilized viewer discretion required).

    Major Warning: Australian governments are supporting the spread of islam throughout Australia.

    "A video released by the Islamic State appeared to show the mass beheading of a group of Egyptian Christians by fighters in a recently formed Libyan arm of the militant group.

    The captives are made to kneel, and then one by one they are beheaded.

    In the video, titled "A message signed with blood to the nation of the cross", masked fighters identified as from the Tripolitania province of IS, dressed in black with machetes at their chests, parade along a rocky beach towards the camera with a row of bound captives in orange jumpsuits.

    The lead executioner, who wears a brown mask over his face, thrusts his dagger at the camera. "O people, recently you have seen us on the hills of al-Sham and Dabiq's plain, chopping off the heads that have been carrying the cross for a long time," he says in fluent English with an American accent. "And today, we are on the south of Rome, on the land of Islam, Libya, sending another message."

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