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extract from abn-amro's report

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    "The VentrAssist device offers a number of advantages to the other three leading new generation devices. Not the least of these is very low blood damage. Our recent
    research indicates that the only other hydrodynamic device (Coraide, being developed by Arrow) had to be removed urgently from its first patient after only
    three days due to extreme levels of blood damage.

    Reports indicated that this setback was thought to be design-related. Arrow’s clinical plans are currently on hold.

    The unique floating ‘full flow’ impeller of the VentrAssist combines low blood damage
    with low blood clotting potential which has been an unsolved problem in other VADs.

    Unlike VentrAssist, newer axial devices are thought to be particularly prone to this clotting problem due to their high speed and small gaps through which the blood has to flow.

    VentrAssist operates at low speeds (1500-3000rpm) compared to axial devices which have to run at up to 15,000rpm.

    Despite these speeds, axial devices cannot match the high flow rates of VentrAssist that patients will need when fully rehabilitated.

    Need I say more,


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