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expression ofconcern to all posters

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    yep including me
    i was a supporter of WAG,,
    got out at second day of relisting as EPA
    started to buy at the 0.003 004 level on the back of
    one poster saying active buying?? by an indo broker???
    followed by some one seeing potential in the palms??
    another some one saying
    is EPA a scam written all over???
    i did investigate a bit and pass it on??
    EPA is a relisting of WAG
    WAG was Steinyprici dead shell??
    EPA acquire the whole capital of PT First Flower??
    who is PT FF ??
    indonesian PT registred in Kota Batam off the coast of Singapore?
    why there ?? for tax reasons??
    the palms land at Meranti town of sumatra??
    PT Fflower did try to list at Singapore exchange and did not succeed??
    one comment was to many professors on board??
    lucky to our ASX they made a listing on ASX with a complete sell down till now??
    of the Epa registry all WAG holders are out??
    in EPA a major holder with virgin islAND TB and many chines holders on board??
    the top 20 control 95 %
    but 2 millions shares take you to top 17??
    please note, a robbot activate platform seems to sell on any one trying to buy at 0.002??
    same robbot has been doing preopen support at 0.003??
    any one insight ??
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