Bugged if I know how nuts and false you can get.  But you're...

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    Bugged if I know how nuts and false you can get.  But you're doing a good job of escalating..

    Some group called "Forum for the Future" with the refugees bit.  Do you really believe those sort of dudes represent the science?

    As far as Sir David Cook goes, he wasn't talking about 2040:

    I’ve been totally misquoted many, many times; always pleased to have the opportunity to correct the statement I made. What I did say was that if you go back 55 million years, it’s in the palæological record that Antarctica was a tropical forest and at that point in time, if you wanted to have some real estate, and these were my words, you would want it in Antarctica because the rest of the world was pretty damned hot. So that has been extrapolated to me saying that if we keep going in this way there will only be people left living in Antarctica.

    “Fifty-five million years ago was a time when there was no ice on the earth; the Antarctic was the most habitable place for mammals, because it was the coolest place, and the rest of the earth was rather inhabitable because it was so hot. It is estimated that it [the carbon dioxide level] was roughly 1,000 parts per million then, and the important thing is that if we carry on business as usual we will hit 1,000 parts per million around the end of the century.”


    Looks like he was about right with the science - RCP 8.5 and turn of the century ppm from one of the IPCC reports below.  And I'll take his word for what the climate was like 55 million years ago.


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