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    Use of the word scam in the heading of this thread is most appropriate. Here we have a handful of fossil fuel companies fighting tooth and nail, hammer and tong, by any means,  to preserve their freedom to socialise their carbon pollution.

    They’re making more than spare change out of this, more likely squillions. Part of which is used to trash science, one of the very pillars of our civilisation. And part, no doubt, to ensure they are the last (white) men standing when Earth’s natural systems finally collapse, as now seems inevitable.

    so it was with a dark chuckle ii read this well targetted, less than flattering indeed savage profile of the dolts in the US who waste their lives generating climate change denial noise. It’s likely from the character described that many deniers in Australia draw “inspiration.”

    the paragraph was lifted from an article on headlined “Trapped in the Horror Movie That is Climate Change” by Kitanya Harrison, dateline Oct. 16, 2018.

    ”I took a science policy class in graduate school, and I remember clearly the class where one of my classmates piped up to argue when the professor said the science on climate change was settled.

    “A silent, cringing groan rippled through the class as we realized, “Oh, no. He’s one of them…”

    “It’s nearly always the same kind of person: Usually a White guy. Conservative. Overestimates his intelligence by quite a wide margin. Arrogant. Uncreative. Thinks contrariness is a replacement for a personality. Believes being beholden to corporations as opposed to a representative government is freedom.

    ”These traits make them quite easy to dupe if you know how to massage their egos and appeal to their genteel White supremacy while you frame your evidence-free arguments. The fossil fuel industry has their number, and they’ve bought the propaganda hook, line, and sinker. The result: They’re arguing vociferously to create conditions that will lead to a mass extinction event to own the libs.“
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