Originally posted by bunny12The Queensland premier says climate...

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    "When you have pig ignorant POLITICIANS  like this one capitalising on natural disasters and encouraging School Children to march in the streets chanting phrases they can not even spell you know just how sick, depraved and dangerous the filthy LEFT IS."

    Incompetents will always find a scapegoat to divert attention away from their pig ignorance. In this case the pigs are on an income way beyond their wildest dreams so if they can find a scapegoat they will grab it with both hands and keep their fat incomes rolling in. 

    Indian politicians seem to always blame the former British rule for all current woes and it works. The nazi blamed the jew. Stalin blamed everyone. Maduro in Venezuela blames the yanks. etc etc 

    So today we have the drift towards the mythical CO2 molecule and its supernatural powers to wreak havoc upon our planet. It has all the trappings of a new belief system of good vs evil. All belief systems eventually lead to blood flowing in the streets. The brainwashed child of today becomes the crusading Green-Guard street fighter of tomorrow. 

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