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    Bellcurve, I know its hard for you, but data deniers are unable to fathom the two things that are happening, which is why this cannot end any other way than the scam will be exposed.

    Look where the heat is over the last 37 years. And it's specifically in the Arctic in the NW winter. Whether I am a poster on here or not is irrelevant, this is what the data shows.

    And again, as I posted earlier, GISS has adjusted the last 30 years up, and within a few years, when the AMO turns cold, GISS will be forced to measure against that adjusted data. How do you think thats going to go? The next La Nina will measure -0.5c against the 1980-2010 baseline because of the false adjustments, and there is no way anyone will be able to argue against because it's what you use to show the so called warming.

    So because we know that most of the CO2 is from outgassing from the oceans, it too will fall at some point, but only after a lag time as it follows temps.


    You can see the clear lag here between CO2 and temps, so once the outgassing lessens due to the oceans losing heat it will fall, and once it happens you will see it. So yes, the Arctic is all important, its where most of your warming is, and with El Nino done for a few years, it's all over, the pause will return.

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