exporting aussie jobs.

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    Until I retired I worked in Information Processing. Recently I met a recent graduate who is looking for work in Information Processing.

    "The Age" used to be full of computer jobs on a Tuesday. Now it has almost none. Not many are to be found in "The Australian" either. THere were few on the Internet. Furthermore I checked with one of my mates who has thirty years experience in the industry. His firm had over 100 applications from well qualified graduates for two trainee positions.

    Meanwhile Telstra is exporting jobs to India. I was retrenched some years ago. (Yes I worked hard to get a new job and managed it after three months.) But it is fearsomely tough out there. The fact that I had a presbytarian upbringing that considered that debt was immoral certainly helped. As is the fact that I am too old to be a baby boomer and have not made the classic Aussie mistake of being married to one.

    What I suspect may be the problem (and Paul Keating was no better or worse than Peter Costello) is that maintaining a low level of unemployment is no longer government policy.

    It is comparatively easy to run budget surpluses and maintain low inflation if you keep the level of demand
    down and ignore unemployment. But as far as I am concerned two out of three sucks. (Please do not remind me of Kim Beazley's performance as treasurer, he could give some of Gough Whitlam's ministers a run for their money in the incompetance stakes).
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