explosion rocks bus in israeli city of haifa

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    ABC News 11.45pm

    An explosion rocked a bus in the Israeli port city of Haifa on Wednesday, turning the vehicle into a charred wreck and scattering bodies along the road, Israeli police and witnesses said.

    Police confirmed there were casualties.

    An Israel Radio reporter on the scene said he saw several corpses but police did not immediately confirm any deaths.

    The police said an explosion went off on the bus on a main steet at the entrance to the Carmeliya neighbourhood in the northern Israeli city.

    The Israel Radio reporter described a huge column of smoke rising from the bus wreckage.

    "It's terrible what you can see here," the reporter, Eran Zinger, said.

    Palestinian militants have carried out a series of suicide bombings as part of an uprising against Israeli occupation.

    The last suicide attack was almost two months ago, when 23 people were killed in Tel Aviv.
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