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exploration targets 28m bo and 252 bcf

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    Monthly exploration report out today

    Raccoon Bend (Low Risk) -
    2 successful wells with multiple pay
    1 spud this week followed by another 2 in succession with multiple targets at shallow depth (10-15 days drilling each)

    White Eagle (Low Risk)-
    1 well brought into production at 25 bopd
    3 wells to be drilled in next month or 2
    Like shooting fish in a barrel

    Halletsville (Medium)-
    -Wolf cowling #2 now on production from deepest of 4 zones totalling 150ft net pay containing SIGNIFICANT OIL AND GAS RESERVES
    -Mueller #2 being placed on production, anticipate 1.5-2 mmcfpd
    -Waterhole #1 hit HIGH PRESSURE GAS at 11342ft testing of zone on hold pending drilling of spikes B
    -SpikesB drilling Q1 09 SIGNIFICANTLY DERISKED by discovery at WH#1. TARGETING 229,000 BO AND 8.7 BCF GAS
    -Bujnock#1 and J Schindler#1 to spud in 08 close to wolf cowling etal
    1x recompletion, tested waiting for pump
    -SmolikA #2 spud 4-6 weeks Target multiple zones and reserves in excess of 116,000 BO

    Falcon (high Risk)
    -Lastrapes #1 To spud shortly, target 3x zones TD 13500ft

    Schwing #2 P & A
    Co not discouraged by this well, targets will be drilled again nearby in future

    Lake Long (high risk)
    SL328 #9 repaired and back on production

    Doornbos Estate#1 reached TD SEVERAL PAY ZONES producing next 45 days
    Doornbos #2 to spud next week followed by another 6x wells early next year

    N/E Waller

    Pitchford #1 currently drilling, TD in 7 days
    Pitchford #2 spud in next 10 days

    Raccoon bend deeps
    La SalleCC #1 spud in November 08

    Thats all folks LOL

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