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expecting more horizons...

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    Petrogeology 101...

    The Alkali Gulch Member ( that name) "comprises a cyclic sequence of sandstone, dolomite, black shale, salt and

    I believe up to 12 cycles?

    Salt provides the seal, whilst the others act as either source or reservoir rocks to varying degrees.

    As such, given we clearly have one significant hit in the dolomitc sandstone portion of this unit, we may well expect to see more hits as the well traverses through the various repeats of the cycle...even more significant would be if the upper accumulations were being "fault fed" from lower horizons, such as the Leadville formation?

    We are well on the way to here now...but lets not also forget the Pinkerton Trail horizon, direclty above the Leadville 13,150ft (adjusted).

    Given today's report indicated we were currently at 12,985ft and as we know, the reports are some 90ft behind the on-site action , we may well be entering the Pinkerton Trail fromation tonight, if not already?

    So much potential, both what we know (to be confirmed) and of course what we don't?

    I find the consistently high background gas readings of 700units+ to be significant, especially given nearby wells are producing at levels as low as 250 units.

    I still read this as background units at the drill head, this is the usual convention of such such, it appears to me they have possible intersected a significant zone of commecial gas pay and that "high pressure zone" may just be a sweet spot due to host porosity?

    From what I understand, 700 units is commercial?

    I guess we will have to wait and see/

    Perhaps one of the most significant aspects for me however is the obvious confirmation of trap and closure, as evidence by hits further up the hole, but more importantly, in the crucial areas controlling the Mississippian and Leadville formations.

    These horizons are the most prolific hosts of hydrocarbons throughout the Paradox Basin. One of the key problems with finding commercial accumulations at these levels however are the numerous seismic events (faults and fracturing) that have compartmentalised, or ruptured various emplacements, resulting in breaching and loss of previous acumulations.

    If, as appears to be the case, we do in fact have a viable trap here (and closure), which has not been breached by post deposition seismic evidence from the Barker Creek accumulation and more importantly the much closer Alkali Gulch formation...then we may well expect the Leadville formation to be a sound and viable trap for hydrocarbons?

    Perhaps this is the real interest?

    Given it's prolific nature, and clear history of migration of hydrocarbons at these levels, through this area, in my view the chances of finding something in the primary target has been increased considerably.

    Could we have another Lisbon on our hands?

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