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Expected newsflow

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    As we are waiting for the PAC to give a green light for the DZP, let's consider what comes next:

    1) PAC in favor of environmental permit (February)
    2) Minister (hopefully) rubberstamping decision
    3) Finalizing FEED (March)
    4) BFS on Basis DFS/FEED
    5) Mining lease to be granted (late March/April)
    6) Financing deal with export agencies (Japan; others?)
    7) Finalizing off-take agreements (MoUs => contracts)
    8) Sale of 10% to strategic partner
    9) Other financing deals (debt based)
    10) Decision on potentially postponing parts of the DZP for capex-saving (e.g. FeNi-plant)
    11) Decision on sulfuric acid plant: BOO or BOOT or capex?
    12) Go ahead for DZP

    [in parallel to 1-12: further gold drilling]

    Anything I forgot?
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