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Expected Delay

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    Queensland Elections, quite frustrating for everyone.  At the moment anyone seeking government approval for anything may well be in limbo at the moment.  Unless of course LNP remains as caretakers until the election is resolved.  This could still be a couple of weeks away if a Bi-election is required in Ferny Grove.  It may well come down to who wins that seat.   Here is a news article that pretty much sets out the situation....

    On a side not I shot off an email to CNX asking if the process for Approval to proceed to Application is required to go before the Minister or Committee (or both) for final decision after Consultants, DEHP, Mines etc.

    Also whether or not a new Government UCG Policy will be required or whether CNX will be treated as a one off at this stage with Application requirements/recommendations.

    So we will have to see how expediently I get an answer.   The reason I'm asking above is to give more of an idea as to what we may expect and may also be a better indication of timelines.

    Hopefully more on that shortly.

    Either way, I don't expect much progress until a Government is in place, one way or another.  Of course I could be wrong and we get an answer sooner than later, I just don't have high expectations of that.
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