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expected dec 2007 half year result

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    I have calculated a loss (high level extrapolating some H1 data and using other public info) of approx $61m for the Dec half and am interested if anyone agrees with my logic.

    H2 2007

    Sales (1,644,936.00 89.97) 148.00

    Production Costs -16.76
    Amortisation -45.66
    Add Amortisation reserves revn -20.00
    Chinese Govt Levies -5.20

    Trading Profit 60.37

    Exploration Expense -62.30
    Loss on Derivatives -60.00
    Tax Benefit

    Net Loss -61.93

    The market tends to punish poor results atm so I am expecting some downward share price pressure after the results are announced. Am interested in any opinions?
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