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    If nothing sticks to Teflon®, then how does Teflon® stick to a pan?
    Non-sticks are applied in layers, just like paint. The first layer is the primer - and it's the special chemistry in the primer that makes it adhere to the metal surface of a pan. The primer will adhere either to a substrate that is prepared by grit blasting or roughening the surface, or it can be applied over a smooth substrate.

    What is the chemistry of Teflon®?
    The original form of Teflon® is polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE. The molecular structure of Teflon® is based on a chain of carbon atoms, the same as all polymers. Unlike some other fluoropolymers, in Teflon® this chain is completely surrounded by fluorine atoms. The bond between carbon and fluorine is very strong, and the fluorine atoms shield the vulnerable carbon chain. This unusual structure gives Teflon® its unique properties. In addition to its extreme slipperiness, it is inert to almost every known chemical.

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