executions nothing new in iraq

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    Overview: In 1932 U.K. formally recognized Iraq's independence, and a constitutional monarchy was established. However, the British political and economic influence remained paramount; the former League of Nations administrators were permitted lucrative oil extraction concessions as well as the unlimited use of military airfields at Habbaniya and Shuayba. On 03/04/1941, influenced by pan-Arab nationalism and resentment of continuous British control, elements of the Iraqi army staged an initially successful coup d'etat. The arrival of the Afrika Korps in Libya might have had an accelerating impact on the decision to start this revolt but it was of little use to the Axis, since British Commonwealth and Free French forces entered and occupied the country by 08/06/1941. Thus ultimately the Allies managed quickly to reassert and even increase their employment of Iraqi territory as a staging point for further redeployment, and as a valuable supply base. A few of the coup's key instigators were captured and promptly executed, and a new Allied-friendly government was appointed. In 1943 Iraq officially declared war on the Axis; however, Iraqi armed forces never participated in any operations against them. In 1945 Iraq was admitted to the U.N.; it is also a co-founding member of the League of Arab Countries.

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