excuses for ms. gillard

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    Labor Politician Michael Danby, interviewed this morning on radio, tells us what a wonderful woman Julia Gillard really is. She is a woman of character, much maligned, he chortles.

    He claims she did NOT lie, because the Government which is in now is not the Government she spoke of on the eve of the election.

    As I remember it - she said - "There will be no Carbon Tax
    under ANY Government I lead!"IS that how YOU all remember it? And such statement is entrenched on public record?
    I emphasise - "ANY GOVERNMENT I LEAD".

    I would have thought such a statement would stand up solidly on a signed stat dec - or in COURT. Had it been to Ms. Gillard's advantage in some legal situation or legal case, she would have stuck to it like glue..

    But, because it was a lie - we're told she didn't really mean it?????????????????????????? And things have changed???

    Wriggle wriggle wriggle.

    It's not just being loose with the truth. It's positively
    against the letter of the law. And in a most crucial situation. Affecting all of OUR lives - and finances.

    The Labor Party motto seems to be - if you repeat a lie often enough - ("I did not really lie") this illusion somehow becomes the truth. In their own minds! And MS. Gillard turns into a Pollyanna. She is really "luverly!"

    There must be many people now in gaol who wish they could have qualified their statements to the courts in such manner!

    ANY Government, to me, tells us she had taken all possibilities into the context of any election result, or outcome, where she was Leader. And she is doing this with every single policy she dreams up - clutching at straws and always with one eye on seeming to look squeaky clean and right!

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