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    There seems to be significant developments on the Near Horizon for GCN. The Chairman's Address makes for some interesting reading.
    Gotrek has an increasing affiliate audience validating the technology and It's promise.
    But The move into GPRS mobiles seems to be an enormous step . Here are a few pertinent quotes

    " GoTrek has
    already impressed many major players in the mobile telephony
    industry. Adoption of GoTrek by these players can be expected to
    commence by early 2003."

    "GoTrek will make use of idle spectrum on
    the mobile network to push through the content. Hence, for the mobile
    carrier, if GoTrek uses only idle and otherwise unused spectrum, it
    has no marginal cost incurred for GoTrek content traffic."

    GoTrek's way of video delivery, it is unlikely that the consumer will
    want to pay for video streaming on GPRS enabled mobile devices, even
    for the most compelling content."

    "GCN is in the final phase of its decision making
    on the selection of the appropriate mobile phone device to first
    commence the deployment of GoTrek TV for the wireless internet
    environment. GCN targets to have GoTrek running on a major brand
    mobile device by early next year for 3 major mobile carriers in Asia.
    We also intend to work with the major brand to break into other
    markets they serve."

    These are all pretty definite statements and a clear outline of action.

    I suggest those interested have a careful read of the address and recent announcements. Directory assist and the celebrity Gotreks are also
    positive factors.

    As I see It with the timetable outlined, details should soon be forthcoming after all, early 2003 is not far off and a survey of articles on GPRS Video hints at, as the Address stated a "killer application ".

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