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excersising options (newbie question)

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    Good morning to all, I have been trying to find info (google) on excersising company issued options such as these and whilst I fully understand the mechanics I don't know the "how to".

    When the shares reach the strike price how do you convert the options to FPO shares.

    example, SP hits strike price in August :), rises to $1.00 in say March 2012 and I want to excercise.

    1) Must I wait until June 2012

    2)or can I do it in March 2012

    3)should I just go for a run and excersise myself because I have made a fortune.

    ...and how do I "make it happen". ie, who do I call or what "button do I press !" I trade with commsec if that is any help and I was going to phone them but posting here may assist others with same question.

    p.s I have read a lot of posts regarding the risk with WHNO and it is all to do with an individuals appetite for risk/reward and I am well aware that a fool and his money are easily parted. This is of no concern to me.

    I am more than prepared to make a gamble on WHNO given the sheer magnitude of this oil play compared to the holdings (and current SP) of other junior explorers. My options outweigh my heads at 3.3 to one. My heads are my hedge and the options are a lotto ticket for squillions with much better odds than any lotto....thanks in advance.
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