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excellent one half year update

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    This week at anytime we will be getting a very powerful one half yearly update which will include very strong sales and eps figures coming up, expanding indications for sir spheres and clinical trials with very positive results, and update on FDA approval for US facility. HH has been raising eps estimates for next few years and is putting their money where their mouth is as tey own 1/3 of Sirtex and i have strong feeling that days of publicly traded shares will be coming to an end as SRX will be acquired at a big premium after string of positive announcements with sp reaching $8+ on its own meriths and acquisition value to $15. The small float will make it quite difficult for any size of 50,000 shares to be acquired unless u pay above $5-6, thats why I have accumulated while quiet over the last few weeks. those days are coming to an end with new highs.
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