excel - why is it so?

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    Something that annoys me no end on Microsoft Excel is the 'justification' right and left in the cells, particularly regarding the date. If the day is a single digit such as 8/8/03 the entry justifies to the left of the cell but if there are two digits in the day, e.g. 10/8/03 the entry justifies to the right of the cell. What this means of course a spreadsheat can look a real mess unless a secondary entry is made for each cell to line them up.

    Question is 'why is this so' and is there a way to set an automatic justification? I also notice that on higlighting a single digit day entry it shows up as, say 8/8/2003, in the formular bar even when 8/8/03 is entered (it shows 03 in the cell).

    Any help gratefully received.

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