*ex cia agent on market crash and martial law*

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    Well it's good to know the 24th has passed without incident but more so a time delayed. That was obvious enough it was'nt going to happen but my September timeline still stands...guess we will see how good THEY are at pulling off the planned market crash

    Evil can only succeed if good will men do nothing!

    Could Safe & Sound have exposed and delayed 'The Technicians' plans of Bombing the WTC NY as they did TT on 9-11? I guess we will never know and if he/she was telling the truth it has definitely foiled their plans for another day. At least he/she exposes on what Senior HW Bush plans to do for what remains of USA Inc just as i thought...

    Funnily enough the dates S&S gave all co-incided with what Jim Sinclair quoted two weeks ago.

    Jim Sinclair;

    I have withheld exact point and exact time because this information was being used to hurt you by COT. It became evident time after time after time. The reason I will be reinstating specifics is not an ego thing but rather because for gold to make that run it will require a perceived loss of control by the Fed and the US treasury over their monetary friends around the world who assist in doctoring every item to keep the financial social order under their control. Such an event would render COT powerless.

    The exact point is $456.60 and the exact timing is with one and a half weeks from this writing. That is the window of opportunity for the
    2005 BIG KAHUNA in gold.

    So do you really think that CHECKMATE for COT and tptb of the Federal Reserve are going to let all this just spiral out of control due to GOLD exposing the truth of a system now totally boyant on lies? No they wont they and keeping GOLD in lockdown mode is just part of maintaining the illusion untill they get their plans afoot.

    Question is what can we do about it?

    Recall for those who have'nt read it so far.

    Here is everything Safe & Sound has said so far on this thread at GodLike Productions Forum.

    HINT: A big event in NYC next week, courtesy of Bush and "The Technicians".

    Yeah, that´s what these guys call themselves. They´ve been dining out on 9-11 for a long time and now they´re going to do it again. Only bigger. Much bigger.

    Y´all take care now.

    I´m no longer in the States.

    I can´t tell you exactly when these bastards are going to detonate their payloads, but three dates have been touted: August 19, 23 and 24.

    My guess is that they´ll run with August 19. Why? Because internal opposition is building and Bush needs to know how many post-op assassinations he can authorize without blowing his game.

    The Technicians are run out of Tel Aviv. They took over maintenance of the Twin Towers three weeks before impact. They planted the demolition charges.

    This time, The Technicians have brought in some prime quality merceneries: three ex-SAS guys. The SAS is bit like the US Delta, only better, faster and more efficient.

    I liase with individuals who work for diverse European intelligence agencies. That´s how I know what I know. I get to hear the "rumble" Stateside, and then I check it against the data I have this side of the wash.

    >>You know what I´m asking for.<<

    You want me to name the offcials with whom I am currently in contact?

    Are you insane?

    Ari Lehrmann is the de facto head of The Technicians. The NSA know exactly what he´s doing, yet he´s allowed to breeze in and out of the United States at leisure.

    The team currently working the hit in New York is headed up by a man called Michael Panchet. His specialty is reconnaissance and logistics. His no. 2 is a guy called Don Riley. Both are elite ex-SAS operatives.

    Riley keeps changing his name and ID. He´s even undergone plastic surgery three times to stay hidden. He normally works in Latin America for the CIA-run drug cartels. He´s a psychopath.

    Panchet is quite young for the game. Riley has been in the business a long, long time.


    I´m not at any real risk myself out here. There are however a few people Stateside who know what´s happening and aren´t happy about it. Two of them, both CIA, are under close surveillance right now.

    The rot set in many years ago immediately following the attempt on Ronnie´s life. The real power broker behind the scenes is George H.W. Bush. There´s an unwritten agreement between son and father whereby junior gets to play Christian soldiers while senior and Cheney do all the backstage dirty work.

    Doubtless you´ve all heard that the truth about 9-11 is widely known in both US and foreign intelligence circles. What makes people forget is the power of blackmail. Thirty years ago, it was agency policy to recruit men and women with clean records and spotless characters. Today, the reverse is true. Why? Control through blackmail.

    >>What does Bush hope to gain from this attack? Why doesn´t anyone stop him?<<

    It allows him to collapse the economy "safely" and suspend the continual recycling of massive deficits rather than having to watch the whole thing spin out of control. Bush wants a 1940s-style war economy, whereby debts to Saudi Arabia and other M.E. and S.E.A. states are rescinded overnight.

    The Technicians are playing shadow to two teams, both of which contain an S.A. element and someone who could possibly be passed off as Iranian despite his Saudi nationality.

    A post-attack scenario envisages the freezing of all US assets owned by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and a few other smaller M.E. states. Wall Street will close indefinitely and speculation against the dollar will be illegal. If necessary, Bush and Cheney will authorize termination of key internet servers that provide ISP services with domains.

    I´m not sure how this would impact China, Russia and Europe, although I have been told that a "Continuity in Trade" program will be established with those nations to ensure economic viability.

    >>And OP what should we be doing now?<<

    Thirty years ago, I would have advised you to inform the FBI.

    These days, the only trustworthy people worth contacting work for the Office of Naval Intelligence. The US Air Force Intelligence service is a good second shot.

    The ONI has already been informed. If you do wish to mail them with this or any other information you come across in your research, please DO NOT post the names of your ONI contactees to a forum or newsgroup.

    Once they´ve been "outed", your information will go nowhere and you may compromise the operational freedom of the ONI officer. The same applies to any USAFI officer you wish to contact.

    >>Safe & Sound, did you post that one also?<<

    Whoah! Looks like some of you guys are well ahead of the game. I didn´t post it myself, but I do have a pretty good idea of who might have.

    As far as I know -- and I was updated yesterday -- Panchet is not in custody and is definitely not being surveilled at this moment.


    Ever since Bush Senior put Ronnie in the way of a bullet, the fixers in the United States have always looked to the Bush clique for guidance. GHWB remains head of what you could call the "Old Neocons", a founding member of which was Kissinger back in the 1960s.

    The new crowd, comprised of crooks like Wolfowitz and Bolton, came in under the wing of the old guard. They had their kind in the Clinton administration too. Both Albright and Berger would never have been appointed without GHWB approval.

    George the Elder has the dirt on anyone you care to mention, including Supreme Court judges. In a sense, we´ve had "Bush-Continuity-Government" since 1981.

    (I have to take a break, but I´ll be back later.)

    I don´t know about mass visualizations, but proper immigration controls would do the trick. Interpol have been wanting to question Riley for over ten years and his name has been on an FBI investigative report even longer. Yet this guy is free to enter and leave the US without any checks. I wonder why?

    They also want to question Panchet about some of his "offshoring" activities, but he has very powerful friends. Tony Blair is connected to Panchet through billionaire diamond merchant, John Bredenkamp. Old man Bredenkamp used to co-finance covert operations through a mercenary group called Executive Outcomes.

    EO were the main shakers in Sierra Leone, which was invaded on the orders of Robin Cook following some pretty dirty dealings with Bredenkamp. Robin Cook died last week after a "heart attack", by the way, even though he was one of the fittest 59-year olds in the Brit government.

    EO and other groups run directly out of South Africa by Bredenkamp used to provide psychos such as Panchet and Riley with plenty of lucrative contracts. Riley assassinated Olaf Palme in 1986. The contract came from EO in its capacity as a sub-contractor to the Israeli government.

    You hit the mark dead-center, 6413. It´s all part of a very big corporate shakedown. Buffet, for instance, knows all about The Technicians and their tie-in to Bush and 9-11. The major institutional investors have been on hold for over a year ... the Bush boys have really been playing their hand long. You can call it brinkmanship.

    One thing´s for sure: It has to be bigger than 9-11. It has to be so destructive, there´ll be absolutely no question of an investigation or any kind of internet-based autopsy. The many 9-11 websites have sure rattled all the intel orgs and they´re not going to let that sort of thing happen again. It´s going to be the final curtain. That´s why The Technicians are taking no chances and drafting in the best-available talent on the market.

    >>Except for that 8 years of Clinton and the 8 years of Reagan, of course...<<

    No, you´re wrong. Reagan was never in charge. When GHWB failed to take Ronnie out he was advised by his CIA cronies to continue working with a weakened President while all along making the strategic decisions.

    Clinton was a GHWB underling. At first Clinton feared Bush, but later came to idolize him. Clinton did NOTHING IMPORTANT without consulting GHWB.

    GHWB has been the de facto President of the United States since 1981. He still calls the shots and always will until he bribes his way into heaven with laundered drug money.

    I´m not brass, Dreamcatcher. Nor am I any longer sufficiently important to merit an appearance on ABC. If you work for the CIA, you´ll know only too well that the higher up the greasy pole you climb, the farther down you have to slither. Can you see Goss spit out all the crap he´s been eating these last few months? Or your own line manager take a chance on telling the truth and being a real patriot? I don´t think so.

    I was an analyst long before idiots like Goss or even Tenet knew the meaning of the word. I´ve seen precious data sit in the Director´s fucking in-tray screaming hell and high water until it´s too late to make a difference. And you know what? Nothing´s changed. The old system used to fast-track anomalous information because, time after time, anomalous information turned up trumps. Now it´s all been pre-prioritized to suit what the President WANTS to hear and not what he SHOULD be hearing. How can you pre-prioritize incoming data if that data hasn´t been rated?

    The Europeans have their weaknesses, but they still work the old way (in addition to the new) and they PREVENT major incidents because they value anomalous data from all sources and don´t discount anything that happens to be "politically unacceptable".

    I know that America´s going to get whacked again by the same bunch of traitors who know they can outwit the CIA by doing nothing unusual, and that makes me very angry. So, pick a web forum and make some noise. Is this the only way intelligence works these days?

    CaliBob, I can´t say one hundred percent that the West Coast won´t be a target, only that it hasn´t been subject to the kind of intensive reconnaissance seen in NYC. I´ve heard folks bounce Houston and Detroit off the wall but nothing I´m getting is pointing in that direction either.

    The plan is to close America temporarily for business. They need to hang that sign outside of the store before they do any housecleaning and pull all international debt and deficit obligations. Wall Street must take a hit. The entire financial sector is being targeted logistically, but not without warning to all the major corporates. The hit will only take out the physical infrastructure, not outsourced IT storage and credit records (although some of that data may be selectively and "accidentally" destroyed too). The damage, which will be very real, will nonetheless be symbolic and shocking enough to put America on a 1940s-style war footing.

    After that, it´s just a matter of "pick your enemy" and let ´em have it, while The Technicians are enjoying the sun and girls on a nice little island some place out in the Pacific.

    1115, it´ll be big enough, based on what we know.

    As for timing, Panchet´s last known residence was in New Jersey, but he´s gone to ground. Riley entered the United States on a Mexican charter three weeks ago and we don´t know where he is. We´ve asked and nobody knows Stateside. That´s why I´m warning of attacks; and the three dates I gave you correspond to a number of criteria, such as reccy-time, impact study, proof-of-concept, and flight-out.

    If it was just a case of Riley alone, I would say someone important is about to meet their maker. But with Panchet and Lehrmann figured into the equation it looks like fireworks. Don´t forget: the last time Lehrmann worked his boys Stateside, a couple of skyscrapers vanished.

    >>There´s no more oil to steal.<<

    There´s much more oil to steal. They just don´t have enough grunts to do it -- yet. They´ll be flooded with applications by people unlucky enough to find a secure food zone.

    When I was in training, they showed us some of the material they had filmed to be broadcast over the networks after the "nuclear event". It was made to look real -- happy Americans grateful for food security in their allotted zone, no riots, no looting ... just lots of friendly, happy soldiers patting kiddies on the head and sister Sue getting a big wet kiss from G.I. Joe. But, hey, they were all actors.

    I´m sure they´ve changed the script to bring it into the 21st Century and have gotten some out-of-work Hollywood losers to play those parts. And you´ll believe them. They´ll probably be talking about the need to play straight with the government and go to the zone selected for you, and for sure they´ll be using the term "al Qaida" quite a lot.

    You won´t see folks offering resistance or organizing themselves into independent communities away from government control. You´ll just see happy, shiny people COOPERATING and doing what they´re told to do -- and lots of young people signing up for military service, handing out the reward of all those extra food packets to their families.

    I know this. In my day, America was a few major companies and a million and one mom & pop stores. Now it´s about five or six mega-corporations, all of whom own the US government and all of whom will survive, no matter what happens to the US continent.

    >>If you cannot be more specific.....then I say this is BS. I am Very Close to someone who is a "Bigshot" at a Fortune 100 Company. As a matter of fact.....this person is literally in charge of all of this company´s "outsourced IT storage and credit records" worldwide.<<

    Lucky you. Your friend will either become even more of a bigshot, or just shot. :-)

    Apart from that, I can´t help you, lady. What do you want me to do? Advise your friend to take a rain check on a sunny day? If he isn´t based in NYC, then he´s safe. If not, he should consider phoning in sick.

    You´ve got it, 2948. No one´s blogging something that hasn´t yet happened, although plenty of people know.

    But don´t hold your breath. I was one of the first people to finger Ames for selling out to the Russians, and that was back in 1987. At that point we´d lost four assets in Moscow and elsewhere. I personally flew out to Rome in the middle of my vacation and told Jack Devine to his face and showed him the evidence I had, and you know what he said? He said, "Show it to an anlayst." I told him I was an analyst, and he then suggested I show it to an analyst Stateside because of "cultural differences."

    I filed my report to base, and waited. And waited. By the time Ames was arrested over SIX YEARS LATER, we officially lost another six assets. Unofficially that figure was MUCH HIGHER, coming in at 24 bodies. If the Company had acted on the information I had, twenty lives would have been spared.

    What went wrong? Devine called me "bitter and twisted" and with a personal grudge against Ames. Webster just read the memo and passed over my submission, delegating my debrief to a nobody who left the agency at short notice for a business venture, taking MY DATA with him.

    So you can see why I´m not exactly brimming with confidence in our "protectors". Am I not right, Dreamcatcher?

    >>Show some backbone. Don´t be a spineless jellyfish! Be Specific!<<

    Lady Jayne,

    I don´t know how much more specific I can be based upon the limited information I have at hand. If I could tell you exactly where Riley and Panchet are right now, I would. I have however given you dates based upon an assessment of their field operations - IF those operations are typical of past hits in South America.

    I no longer rely upon the FBI for any information attached to the United States. If you really want to know what´s going on in Washington or New York, you talk to a foreign intelligence officer with people on the ground there. You talk to the French or the Germans. They knew what was happening weeks before 9-11 changed America for the worse and they did warn Bush and Cheney, even mindful of the fact that Bush Senior had a hand in events.

    Even if you just spend time chatting with a middle ranking desk officer at Interpol, you´ll learn more about organized criminality in the US than you will talking to an FBI staffer.

    Now we have this bizarre situation where a listed terrorist, Haroon Rashid Aswat, the alleged mastermind of the London bombings (cough, cough), flies into London unchecked ("Have a nice day, sir") and is given a free taxi ride back to his home courtesy of Her Majesty the Queen, while the US Attorney General is waving an extradition order in Blair´s face -- and Blair laughs, and does nothing.

    At the same time, Interpol has been begging the US government to arrest both Panchet and Riley on ANYTHING they can make stick until the French and Belgians get a chance to interview them. Now, we´re not talking about small time murderers; we´re talking about men who assassinate heads of state and blow up skyscrapers. And the Attorney General sees Interpol flapping, laughs in their faces, and DOES NOTHING.

    This is how tragedies happen.

    15011, it´s called the "economic imperative": that´s the latest catchphrase used within this milieu.

    Something went terribly wrong for the Bush administration: Venezuela. Chavez wasn´t meant to happen. The US lost around 2 billion in laundered bribes because the instigators of the anti-Chavez coup simply took the money and ran. :-)

    That was kitty money for a rainy day, and the golden rule is that all future operations are financed on the back of the last. Had the revolution/coup worked out in Venezuela, we may have been having this discussion last summer.

    15011, that´s my main fear. Not so much suitcase nukes, but rather transportable nukes that can pack a 50-kiloton punch.

    Back in 1996, an ONI officer, returning from a month-long seminar in Israel, reported Israeli Military Intelligence (A´man) as saying that "at least" three transportable nukes were on American soil. A´man didn´t specify where they were located or under whose command these weapons were assigned.

    Last year, under the auspices of the British Ministry of Defense, the SAS actually carried out a classified mock exercise in Scotland in which a "suitcase nuke" was "detonated" in an urban center. Panchet was there. He participated.

    In answer to some of the comments above, I´m an American citizen, not a German citizen.

    I´ve just taken a trip around this forum, and I do see why some of you have hang-ups about hoaxers. I can assure you that I´m not one of them. On the contrary, I would suggest the immediate arrest of anyone hoaxing information based upon a notional terror attack. It´s illegal, and for good reason.


    Michael PANCHET
    Height: 5´ 10"
    Weight: 145 pounds
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark brown, straight, fashionably cropped
    Features: Roman nose, suntanned, mole r. of chin
    Style: Bespoke, Italian, chic

    Panchet is good-looking, dresses very Saville Row. He´s a sex addict too. He has plenty of girlfriends, but tells them nothing of his work other than his saying he´s an investment scout. He operates well from behind paper companies financed by John Bredenkamp, among others. In Europe, he´s wanted for questioning in connection with fraud and terrorism. Officially, he still works for MI6 (British CIA).

    Don RILEY
    Height: 5´ 6"
    Weight: 155 pounds
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Reddish, quite long, unkempt
    Features: Squat nose, Irish-looking
    Style: Jeans, sneakers, cheap anoraks

    You´d miss him in a crowd. Unlike Panchet, he has no charisma. He looks like any Joe and you wouldn´t guess he´s a born killer, a psychopath. He´s wanted in Europe for rape and also for the murder of Olaf Palme. He lives in Chile in a very large gated community in Valparaiso. He also has two children by a previous wife in Argentina.

    The "German Guy" sounds like somebody I know, but I could be wrong. You also mentioned The Library, which was started by Barry Seale before he was assassinated and which still exists, but I haven´t been approached to join. Perhaps I´m not important enough. :-(

    There are a large number of "associations" for former and retired agency personnel, which do cut across national divides and which also offer an alternative (and sometimes competing) pool of intelligence and data analysis. Some are formal, but most are very informal. Some are "off the radar" and others print visiting cards.

    I´m currently enjoying an extended vacation in Europe and I´m consorting with some of the friends I made here back in the 1980s. They´re all intelligence people, former and current. As you can imagine, one does a lot of reminiscing but also gets to see some real-time stuff. The funny thing is, a lot of the guys I knew who used to be very right-wing are now more liberal than their critics ever were. Retirement definitely mellows intel folk.

    I´m not here for shits and giggles, Jim. Keep your $1,000 and spend it on a nice lady.

    >>Why next week? Why now? The 19th, what wait does that carry? Symbolism?<<

    Riley won´t hang around for more than three weeks within the national boundaries of his target. Two weeks and no more is his style, so he´s now approaching overtime according to his past record. Panchet has gone missing, which means that something is in the works imminently.

    Those dates were based on some extrapolations derived from their past record of organized terrorism and bank heists, and on dates expected to see peak volumes in trading. Don´t ask my why: I´m not an economist. But at least five days of steady selling against the dollar in the futures markets will mark the countdown to Day-X.

    If you see a lot of bets against the dollar next Monday and this continues throughout the week, then that could mean someone is making a killing based on inside information. Friday would be the logical Day-X. If however this kind of movement doesn´t start until mid-week, then expect the bets to run for four or five working days split only by the weekend of August 20-22.

    Everyone on the inside of this operation intends to get rich in the process of killing American citizens, just like they did on 9-11.

    >>when do you sleep?<<

    Pretty soon. It´s now pushing 02:00, and I´m ready to hit the sack.

    >>What do you imagine the probability of your warning actually coming true is?<<

    I´m convinced they´re going to do it. Not because the government is unaware of these activities, but because it IS AWARE of them and has yet to show its hand in acknowledging my warnings and the warnings issued to the administration by many others active in intelligence work.

    From what I´ve learned out here, both the French and German intelligence services have indeed been warning their US counterparts about Panchet & Co for well over a month. Doubtless, the Israelis, knowing full well the nature of Lehrmann´s activities, will also have covered their asses with a neat little memo to Condi Rice.

    As for the British, I think those bastards are pulling the strings here. Officially, they disown Panchet and say there´s nothing they can do as he hasn´t broken any laws, such as their Official Secrets Act. But we´re convinced he´s still on the MI6 payroll and is thus duty-bound to provide London with a regular status report.

    The big mistake I made in my company days was underestimating the cunning and ruthlessness of the British. If I was Jerkoff, I would arrest every British citizen residing within 200 square miles of Washington and NYC.

    >>what next? another war? what country will be blamed?<<

    I tried answering those questions a little earlier. For sure, the main object of the event will be to "safely" collapse the markets before the markets collapse America. Any war arising from the event will only be of secondary importance.

    I mentioned the freezing of Saudi assets. I didn´t mention an invasion of Saudi Arabia -- effectively turning that nation with all of its oil resources into a US protectorate -- but that is far more likely to happen than an attack on Iran.

    Iran is really a huge distraction. She already has a nuclear capability (adapted from missing US SRAM missiles in 1992), and has had one for quite some time. I´m not saying the Israelis won´t strike Iran and take the risk of seeing Tel Aviv evaporate. But Bush won´t.

    >>Honestly, I don´t understand how the intelligence business can function what with all the insane compartmentalization and the fact that "allies" are all spying on each other.<<

    When I joined the CIA, I was told: "We have no enemies, just friends with varying levels of enmity." (To any goodfellows out there: Who said that?)

    The British are good at playing off one side against the other. Very good. They´ve had centuries of experience.

    >>Is it a well known site among the intel community?<<

    This forum is certainly known. For my part, I came here for the first time yesterday to scout it out. I like the fact you don´t have to register.

    I had heard about Godlike Productions back in the States. Some agency people use it as a dropbox to send coded stuff. Look for meaningless subject lines and cryptic "conversations".

    >>What does that matter? The government kills people all the time. Why not get a hit man and take Panchet out? When did the government become so concerned with someone they know is a problem who hasn´t broken any laws? They kill innocent people all of the time. Again does not make sense.<<

    No, neither does it make any sense to facilitate the training of terrorists on American soil courtesy of the American taxpayer. Nor does Tony Blair´s protection of Haroon Rashid Aswat and Abu Qatada, or Israel´s covert support for Abu Nidal make any sense ... unless you come to realise for whom these men work.

    Neither the British nor the Americans want Panchet dead. Not now, not ever.

    >>Ill buy the drinks!<<

    Thanks for the offer, AA, but I quit the booze years ago. Maybe we should travel back in time to an old vodka shack I used to frequent when they (mistakenly) sent me behind the Iron Curtain. :-)

    tallone, as I said, Iran is a distraction. Iran has nukes -- not many, but just enough to keep Cheney at bay. Iran has also been in possession of enriched uranium for quite some years.

    Some of the people I´m spending time with have been intercepting some very interesting communications between a British government defence officer and a journalist in my current country of temporary residence. What I heard only confirmed what I already knew.

    Then yesterday, when I finally got to sit down in front of a proper PC instead of my Notebook, I found that some of this information had found its way onto a website called Counterpunch. I´ll look up a link for you tomorrow.

    >>S&S, R U coming back tomorrow?<<

    I hope so. I like talking to you guys. I´m travelling early tomorrow (looks at clock and shakes his head) because I need to be in another city. But I should be able to hook up later.

    Okay, I really am ready for some shut-eye. Let´s hook up tomorrow.

    Yes, defiler. These two articles:


    The intercepts DID NOT relate to the author of the above pieces. They were culled from conversations with a non-American citizen on the European continent.

    The man who supplied the information works for the British Ministry of Defence (I won´t tell you his name) and the journalist, who has a wealth of contacts to various intel circles, has been under surveillance for many years.

    The reports are true. The NSA know it, the CIA know it, Rice knows it, Bush knows it, Cheney knows it and Blair knows it. You´d think the admin would jump for joy given the admissions and a very handy excuse to attack Iran? So why aren´t they?

    Because there´s a lot more to this story than meets the eye (read: international money laundering on a grand scale). And it puts Iran ahead of North Korea in the nuclear club.

    The official only wanted to send a message to the Pentagon. Iran is safe.

    Okay, time to sleep.

    I have no intelligence to post on the Utah truck explosion, but I´ll certainly be asking questions on Monday.

    Right now, I´m still in transit, so I guess I won´t be able to post for any length of time until later this evening.

    I never registered. Your "Journey" man is someone else. I decided to post here because of the popularity of this forum and the fact that one is not required to register.

    Until later.

    In answer to questions raised by someone about Senate hearings prior to the OKC APM bombing(s):

    Yes, pressure was building for new hearings into the Waco disaster. Timothy McVeigh was, from a purely psychological standpoint, an innocent man. He was what we used to call a "Manchurian Candidate". Lee Radek, who worked for Reno at the DoJ, is the only person I know who has the complete story. The presiding judge, Matsch, also ordered the destruction of sensitive information that would have placed McVeigh under psychiatric care.

    This was the FBI at its worst. Worse than anything seen under Hoover and the Bay of Pigs era. Louis Freeh was a communist and the worst FBI boss of all time.

    I´ll say something controversial in regard to what was verified by one of our own case officers on the inside of Freeh´s cadre. The APM building was destroyed by an atomic device (SADM). I´ll leave it at that.

    >>Safe and Sound .... Do you know if they will cut off Social security benifits immediately/close the banks ?<<

    Yes, but that´s only the start. The plan in the medium term is to replace the dollar with a different currency system for internal consumption. Effectively, the dollar will still be the nominal currency of use in international trades following drastic revaluation.

    Within the short term, we´ll see the swift imposition of rationing, which will be supported by a voucher system. Eventually, vouchers will be replaced by "personal credit cards", effectively ending the use of hard currency transactions in all internal markets.

    The Brits are about to introduce fuel rationing using the same system. Everyone over the age of 17 will be allotted a "fuel consumption allowance" and debits from that allowance will be registered directly to a central accounting system via the cards.

    In the US, we will be operating under exactly those procedures -- but for everything: food, gas, shelter, clothing, books, entertainment ...

    I discussed this recently with a friend of the family who works in stocks. He knew about it. The government is going to decouple its domestic economy from the global economy, but without any real benefits to the end consumer. Following a collapse, personal debts will remain as outstanding actionable liabilities, whereas corporate debt will be wiped clean from the slate.

    Purchasing freedom as we understand it today will be gone. The corporates have been pushing this for a long time, and sweetheart deals have already been reached across the board. That means: fewer products, less choice, more standardization. In other words -- a permanent war economy.

    Anonymous Coward
    User ID: 3147
    4:05 am EDT Re: If you knew what I knew, you wouldn´t be doing what you´re doing right now

    >>OP, you say you are an American citizen. You spelled "defence" using the British spelling. Was that because you were talking about the British? Are you also British? MI6?<<

    I´m an American citizen. My father was Canadian. The Brits refer to their DoD as the Ministry of Defence, with a "c".

    I never felt comfortable with MI6 employees, although I did pick up a lot of Britishisms when I was over there. I felt at home with ordinary Brits, but there´s a certain class of folks at senior levels who don´t seem quite human.

    The standard for written communications on the European continent is British English, not American English. That´s been more or less institutionalized with the development of the EU. In real terms, the UK intel services stand apart from the continentals, while Germany, France and the Benelux nations have a more integrated system of cooperation.

    The Danes are run by Mossad. The Italians have their own way of doing things, but cooperate more closely with the Spanish and Greeks.

    OKC happened for the same reason that informs everything else in our crumbling society: the economic imperative.

    (The older I get, the more I sound like the young people we used to see as "enemies of the state". Especially when I talk about the military-industrial complex, which has morphed quite singularly into the military-more-military complex.)

    Throughout the 1990s, the United States found herself in a very unusual position. We had no enemies. At least not officially. Good news for us, bad news for defense contractors and the national security state.

    Remember the "Peace Dividend"? Where did that go? Did you see a 30 percent drop in your taxes? No, citizens went on paying more and more of their hard-earned income into the federal coffers because, we were told, keeping our vast military superstructure in mothballs was an expensive business.

    But still, it wasn’t enough for those who feared loss of momentum in the War On Whatever. While all was quiet on the western and the eastern fronts, the federal government reckoned it was time for a major overhaul and upgrade of the soon-to-come Homeland Security cartel. Nice new ballistics and advanced weaponry for the boys and gals in law enforcement. The only question for the federal government and their corporate lobbyists was: So, huh, where’s the enemy, guys?

    Look, there he is. Timothy McVeigh. And behind him, a vast army of government hating patriots. Now wouldn’t it be just darned unfortunate if he were to blow up a huge municipal building and kill lots of innocent people? Yeah, I guess it would. Then we’d have to give you guys a whole heap of new contracts for all that law enforcement technology I know you’ve got lying around someplace.

    >>Can you talk about the Helping Hand or Hidden Hand? I cant remember which one it was. German Guy said that Paul Wolfowitz was in charge of that.<<

    I haven´t yet read everything linked yesterday, but I can confirm the existence of a group called the Hidden Hand. You can either see it as a coherent organization or, as I believe, more a systematic way of working. One of Tony Blair’s top law enforcement officers actually echoed this in describing al Qaida as "a way of working" rather than a hierarchical group.

    The HH, as I understood it, is an economics driven intelligence hub. When the British economist Adam Smith spoke of the "hidden hand of the free market", he may have been talking about a more sinister group too. The whole HH thing goes back to Napoleon, who was always pictured with his hand hidden inside his jacket. That became a kind of sign, just like the Freemasons have their own special handshakes and facial twitches.

    Napoleon and his crowd were financed completely by Jewish bankers – the same Jewish/Dutch bankers who financed BOTH sides in the English Civil War. The HH these days is a pure banking and finance cult run out of Switzerland and the City of London. I’d say around 90 percent are either Jewish banking dynasties or are owned by them. They built the modern state of Israel from the ground up and they have a pretty keen interest in maintaining multiple war scenarios.

    It didn’t surprise me to see Wolfowitz head up the World Bank. He’s with his own kind of people there. Wolfowitz is a traitor to the United States.

    >>Do you think OPEC would drop the $USD as the petro currency?<<

    That´s what all this fighting is about. Saddam was going the same route, which GW found terribly "evil".

    The United States is committed to taking possession of Saudi reserves first and Iranian reserves later. Maybe. Because Iran has nukes, making the latter option all the more fraught with difficulties.

    The OPEC nations would very much like to ditch the petrodollar in exchange for a mixed basket of pricing currencies. But there are political consequences. Are they (and the rest of the world) prepared to pay them?

    >>Whats the deal with that general being sacked? Do you think he knew something and was trying to stop a strike? Theres even been some speculation theres some kind of on-going coup within the US army against bush, any creedance?<<

    Interesting question, and I´m not yet fully up to scratch on everything happening over there. But for what it´s worth, I´ll tell you what I think.

    There was a coup d´etat in America last November. There was a coup d´etat in America in 2000. But the coup d´etat that started it all happened on Friday, November 22, 1963.

    Where was George Herbert Walker Bush that day? Interesting question, with lots of different answers. And where was George Herbert Walker Bush on March 30, 1981?

    Strange things happen to people who run foul of the Bush family.

    If Byrnes was heading up a military revolt, local or otherwise, expect him to be diagnosed with severe depression in the coming weeks and a strange compulsion to put a gun to his head and pull the trigger.

    In any event, instances of near mutiny in recent years are nothing new. The Chiefs of Staff almost came to the point of arresting Bush and Cheney at the beginning of 2003. In the end, lack of assurances from Messrs Mueller and Tenet caused them to back away.

    If they had only stayed the course, thousands of young Americans and about 200,000 Iraqi citizens would still be alive today.

    One thing we do know: There´s going to be a major "terrorist" event in NYC within the next two weeks. If Byrnes was a party to that information, faulted it and took a stand, he may very well turn out to be one of America´s greatest heroes.


    I wish I could foresee natural disasters and alien invasions. I saw a UFO when I was a little boy, but since then very little. Not all UFOs are from "out there", by the way.

    >>What do you think will prompt the upcoming global conflict? There have been a lot of chess moves, both economically and militarily, but for now it seems the concerns are more strategic.

    Any thoughts. In my opinion, it seems some time was bought with manipulation of the markets in order to guarantee a succesful transition to a wartime economy. Do you feel that the sudden economic downturn will result in immediate military response, or do you feel that a certain military action will signal the economic house of cards to come falling down?<<

    The Bush administration has busied itself with two areas of concern in terms of the great chess game: South America and the Middle East. Both are about resources, chiefly energy.

    The global conflict of which you speak is already in its incipient warm phase. It will become "hot" the moment China sees the ratio of her :energy consumption~economic growth: tip away from profitable sustainability to one of economic dependence. Recently she revaluated the yuan, which was ostensibly welcomed by Bush, and she will continue to offload dollar reserves in favor of the euro and the Swiss franc.

    The flashpoint is not so much Iran (although a US-Israeli attack would devastate the international economy), but Saudi Arabia. Bush will not attack Iran, because that nation not only has nuclear weaponry pointed at Tel Aviv, but also holds a large number of legally and internationally recognized binding contracts with both Russia and China that must be honored.

    An attack on Iran would mean WW3 within weeks, if not days. The Chinese and the Russians will not sit back and do nothing, as was very largely the case with Iraq. They simply have too much to lose in a very real existential sense. There will be war and it will be a nuclear war.

    Bush knows this. However, although S.A. is a major energy supplier to both Russia and China, the diplomatic and political situation is very different. America will soon be INVITED to honor its existing military treaty with the oil-rich kingdom on the pretext that the (soon-coming) "terrorist" assaults on NYC have destabilized its ability to govern itself securely.

    It’s going to be a classic piece of political chess playing. The Bush administration not only gets to put America on a fascist-style totalitarian war footing, it also gets to grab Saudi Arabia and everything under it. For keeps.

    Then Iran. Maybe.

    >>This is a dumb question, but is something going to happen here in the D.C. area. Should I worry? I have children.<<

    Based upon everything I´ve been discussing, reading and hearing over the last few weeks, the only danger is to New York City. I can say with near certainty that nothing will happen in the DC area.

    The attacks will be on the financial center of the country, including Wall Street and its environs. The government wills it so, because it MUST safely collapse the economy in a "controlled" fashion.

    Sol Invictus,

    Saying that your people are run by Mossad was a little unfair and perhaps too generalized. There are some case notes I have back in the States that record some of my impressions of life in Denmark and also the Mossad presence in Copenhagen.

    In the days when I was a happy drinker, I spent many hours swilling firewater in a little bar by the harbor (the one frequented by your last king). My favorite drinking buddy was a Mossad agent who had refused point-blank to return to Israel when his tour of duty came to an end.

    He gave me a tour round Copenhagen and told me that his family had been rescued by Danes who resisted the occupation. I suppose anyone who´s been to Denmark knows about how the King responded to the ban on the Star of David by riding out each morning with that symbol on his cloak.

    There are however a number of concerns about the extent to which the FE puts itself out for the Israelis whenever they come calling, the Grevil affair being the most recent case in point.


    I´ll get back to you in about 30 minutes or so. I just need to take a stroll.

    Please accept my apologies for a late return. It´s now 2:20 and I´m really bushed. My 20 minute stroll turned into a two hour diversion around the local village. Every other house is a really a restaurant or medieval saloon where they roast pigs on a spit, believe it or not.

    I´ve sure got some interesting questions to answer tomorrow. My eyes are glazing over. In the local lingo, I´ve been trying to explain to an ex-diplomat where the policy shift is taking America and, by extension, the rest of the world.

    The biggest complaint I hear out here is that the US diplomatic corps keeps changing their message from day to day. You can see that in the Bush administration itself. For instance, Rumsfeld will say that troop reductions in Iraq will begin shortly; and then, a few HOURS later, the Pentagon will wheel out a General or a "spokesman" who talks about remaining entrenched for another decade or so.

    Later on, Bush will say something completely different or even contradict himself within the space of a minute. All of this is deliberate. It´s planned. The idea is to sow confusion and keep folks guessing. The impression is then one of a schizophrenic government that doesn´t know it´s own mind, yet that´s not so: the objective remains the same. They know exactly what they´re doing.

    An friend of mine, Ray McGovern, recently told me that Old Lucie is the author of confusion -- a sort of planned confusion. He also told me that Baby Bush is anything but a Christian. The conversion story is all bunk, a charade. I guess most of us know that these days, but would still be shocked to hear the man describe his Christian constituents as "Jesus freaks and f----ng ass----s."

    One thing I´ve tried to impress on people this side of the bathtub is that there are many former company types like myself, together with a whole raft of senior officers still working for the federal government who are HURTING because they know the truth, they know what´s going down and they can see where this is all taking us.

    When I read about truly patriotic Americans like Cindy Sheehan -- and this is one very gutsy, courageous lady -- I´m suddenly optimistic again, because we clearly still have that American spirit that stands up to tyranny and speaks truth to power.

    As a people, we´re getting a lot of credit out here just for being sane Americans. They can´t understand why we let Bush steal the election AGAIN last year and they will never accept the crime of our having killed an entire country (Iraq) for greed and profits. But they still love us. They´re still rooting for us.

    I´m going to have to get back to you guys tomorrow. This is a very valuable conversation. I hope some of my "friends" in Washington are reading us too.

    Good night, guys. Sleep tight.

    >My question would be: Do you think this is a done deal as far as surgical airstrikes on Iran to cripple it enough that an oil bourse based in euros does not achieve fruition?

    Is there any way to change this outcome now?<

    If either the USAF or the Israelis bomb any one of the installations in Iran – using the nuclearized bunker busters claimed to entomb the uranium – then we are faced with a 90 percent chance that millions of people in Pakistan will die from fallout carried over on the easterly trade winds. The effects won’t be immediately felt. But a slow-motion holocaust will be set in motion that will effectively destroy an entire nation over just two generations.

    The Pentagon knows this. Rumsfeld knows this. The political class in America and Britain is afraid to discuss this likely scenario because it reminds the families of servicemen and women currently serving in Iraq that their sons and daughters are likely to suffer the consequences of depleted uranium inhalation once their tour of duty is over, and that any subsequent damage to their genetic makeup will be passed down to the next generation in the shape of severe birth deformities.

    Very few people realize that the nation of Iraq has already been condemned to death. Within just 20 to 40 years, Iraq will resemble a massive open hospital in which millions of people, young and old, are dying horrible deaths caused by the DU munitions we have been deploying there ever since Gulf War One.

    The Neoconservative element in the US government is determined to control the world’s ever-dwindling energy reserves, wherever they are located. At the moment, they are focused on the Middle East. Latin America is also being prepped for military invasion (read: Mexican boys serving Uncle Sam). That’s what CAFTA is all about.

    Just one strike against Iran will put the entire world on a fast-track to WW3. Iran can and will retaliate by removing Tel Aviv clean from the map. She already has a nuclear capability, albeit somewhat limited in comparison to what the Israelis have. But Iran is prepared to commit suicide in the process of destroying Israel and launching a war that will initially take out a large part of our Fleet in the Gulf before escalating to a full blown global conflict.

    Anyone who believes that an attack on Iran, no matter how "surgical", will leave the world more secure and prosperous is just whacked-out crazy. Unfortunately, those crazies have a name: the United States government.

    But as long as Bush and Cheney allow themselves to be played by Israel-firsters in the Pentagon, there is perhaps very little that citizens can do within the normal field of protest. Real Americans, such as Cindy Sheehan, are trying to draw citizens’ attention to the malfeasance that has led to the deaths of over 2,000 (unofficially 6,000) servicemen and women and left thousands more physically and psychologically crippled. However, it’s almost too little too late and the media is doing its criminal best in downplaying the strength of feeling out there. We should have been seeing these kinds of protests last summer.

    My personal view is that only a mutiny within the military establishment can prevent a catastrophe on a global scale. But I can only guess that the Chiefs of Staff have been shown the writing on the wall that spells out unrecoverable national debt and spiraling deficits without complete closure on the entire world financial system.

    Last night a retired diplomat told me that a strike on Iran would leave his country with another 5 million unemployed once the shock to the global economy had been absorbed, and he predicted a depression several times greater than that of the 1930s and the collapse of current consumer economics that would radically change the face of humanity within just weeks. Yes, I told him, that’s what the Bush administration actually wants. Simultaneously crashing the US economy and the global economy is part of a well-considered plan to restructure or/and rescind debt and deficit obligations. It is the main motivating objective of the traitors in Washington and London.

    Any move toward fiscal rectitude in the first term of the Bush administration would have signaled consensus building with an eye to stability over the long-term. But analysts have quite rightly interpreted an economy flush with excessive liquidity as an economy going nowhere quickly, whatever the pundits on CNN want you to believe. It is a war economy in its incipient phase. It is both the preparatory and the facilitator of a deliberately engineered global crash that will actually lead to starvation not only in "third world" nations, but also in the United States and in other affluent countries.

    >Who controls Bush?<

    George Herbert Walker Bush was knighted by Queen Elizabeth for "Services to the British Empire".

    What´s with this empire? Didn´t it take a hike south after the last world war? Can anyone render services to an entity that no longer exists? Or are we talking about something that morphed into a new "hidden empire" of banking and corporate interests informed by an occultic agenda?

    Ever heard of a guy called Cecil Rhodes? Are you wondering what may happen to the former colony of America when the US economy goes down the tubes with only its military killing machine intact?

    Dig deeper. You won´t like what you find.

    >>In a span of about a week, a few extremely powerful bankers all died. One falling from the 9th floor of a building, one found floating in his pool... It seems to me like this was more than just a coincidence. Do you know anything about it?

    I´m also curious if you know anything about the string of scientists who died. They were all microbiologists or something to that effect, the people with the most expertise to be able to stop a deadly epidemic if one ever occured. Why were they killed?<<

    I’m pretty sure Wim Duisenberg died of natural causes, but I wouldn’t be in a hurry to discount assassination either. The same applies to Zankel, who may have known too much about the upcoming global crash. However, I have no hard data pointing toward murder.

    Not all of the microbiologists murdered or "suicided" in recent years were deliberately targeted for their knowledge of secret biowarfare projects and medical breakthroughs, but most were. We have a number of projects ongoing in the US (and offshore) that have been focused on DNS sequencing in relation to pathogenic infections. These are really just a continuation of the aerial "field testing" carried out on the civilian population in the 1950s and 1960s and the syphilis monitoring survey in which black Americans were unwitting participants.

    About five years ago a cure for the AIDS disease was discovered by Victor Kurschunov in Russia. He was murdered shortly after he submitted a white paper for internal peer review. There’s a team down in the SEA states (names will be forthcoming one day) that coincidentally found an interrupt in the sequencing pattern that allows for successful intervention and immunisation against HIV, but I believe they’ve been told not to publicize their findings.

    There has been enormous "progress" in the last few years in the field of DNA and RNA sequencing with a view to weaponized pathogens that target individuals with a particular genetic marker. It’s now possible, for instance, to target any US city in such a way that only African-Americans are killed, leaving Caucasians unaffected. In Great Britain scientists are currently working on a means to kick start the 1918 flu virus once more, but only this time with more fatalities.

    It may sound paranoid to talk of selective culling, but my experience tells me that this will probably happen as part of the mix. They´ve been talking about this since the early 1970s.

    Wow! I really can´t keep up with the pace of questioning (and your questions and feedback are truly awesome -- there´s hope for America yet.)

    For a start, I need to switch from my notebook to proper PC, which I´ll probably do later this evening. I´m also being nagged to leave the house and take a car journey some place. I´m not entirely sure whether I´ll be sticking around here tomorrow. I still have quite a few city people to visit in this country before moving on.

    Perhaps what I should do when I return is scan through the posts and see if I can provide a few catch-all answers.

    I´ll see you guys later.

    You can read S&S real posts here if you need:



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