*ex cia agent on market crash and martial law*

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    Just recalling up a post i put up here on the weekend i found rather fascinating and has made the rounds on the net of late.

    With the id going by the name of Safe & Sound either this so called retired ex CIA 'analyst' knows what he/she is talking about and has decided to inform the public of impending events soon, or has mastered a very credible hoax with the inside knowledge the he/she definitely displays of the inner circle of the powers that be.

    Make of it what u want Hot Copperites but there is definitely alot of truth to the knowledge that the informant talks about especially noting S&S says to watch for the shorting of the dollar and the price of gold and silver in the near future.

    There are 21 pages displayed so enjoy the reading somehow if this event was going to happen i'd say S&S has blown it by giving out the dates and info. Personally these dates will come and go without another major 9/11 taking place so relax folks, though even if S&S kept his/her mouth shut would it have mattered, i guess we'll never know! Maybe just delaying thier plan dates that's all, getting the fear ambience right and the sheeple programmed for what seems inevitable as the black governments keep telling us.

    Safe and Sound post:


    The thing i found most fascinating were the predicted dates of attack August 19, 23 and 24.

    "I´m no longer in the States.
    I can´t tell you exactly when these bastards are going to detonate their payloads, but three dates have been touted: August 19, 23 and 24."

    My guess is that they´ll run with August 19. Why? Because internal opposition is building and Bush needs to know how many post-op assassinations he can authorize without blowing his game."

    With that quote and Jim Sinclairs latest @


    Jim qoutes:

    A close above $456.60 shifts the odds sharply toward a run in gold versus December delivery in the $475-$485 range.

    This is another way of saying that the resistance at $456.60 is significant. If this level is to come under a test it will do so in the next week and a half.***

    THE NEXT WEEK AND A HALF ties in with Safe&Sounds possible attack on August 19, 23 and 24."

    WHY because exactly as Jim Sinclair states

    It's close to CHECKMATE time for COT and the FEDERAL RESERVE, i mean this could be it for the Big Boyz and there only escape from CHECKMATE is another 9/11 but much bigger with some real shock and awe for some MARTIAL LAW! This makes sense and Jim Sinclair knows the workings of the markets better then most.

    Jim Sinclair states:

    I have withheld exact point and exact time because this information was being used to hurt you by COT. It became evident time after time after time. The reason I will be reinstating specifics is not an ego thing but rather because for gold to make that run it will require a perceived loss of control by the Fed and the US treasury over their monetary friends around the world who assist in doctoring every item to keep the financial social order under their control. Such an event would render COT powerless.

    The exact point is $456.60 and the exact timing is with one and a half weeks from this writing. That is the window of opportunity for the
    2005 BIG KAHUNA in gold.

    NOW thats interesting to say the least...

    However, what does it matter because it is coming anyway. If it is the first quarter of 2006, then better for us. The 1/3 game has been perfectly correct now since the bottom of $248 and it will not change until gold hits $1065 - not latter than 2012.

    Nope Jim it won't come if the BUSH BOYZ get their attack off in time!

    I've always thought that the Bush gang would use a major attack on it's citizens and stock market to use as an excuse to stop the natural inevitable collapse of USA Inc and to profit from it, thus incorporating MARTIAL LAW onto their next New World Order agenda...

    Now i can see why the Arabs are buying Sept puts....

    Safe&Sound states:

    >>What does Bush hope to gain from this attack? Why doesn´t anyone stop him?<<

    It allows him to collapse the economy "safely" and suspend the continual recycling of massive deficits rather than having to watch the whole thing spin out of control. Bush wants a 1940s-style war economy, whereby debts to Saudi Arabia and other M.E. and S.E.A. states are rescinded overnight.

    "I tried answering those questions a little earlier. For sure, the main object of the event/attack will be to "safely" collapse the markets before the markets collapse America. Any war arising from the event will only be of secondary importance."

    A "safely" way to CRASH USA inc lol

    Yeh let's set of a few nuke suitcases somewhere in a CBD, that should do it.

    And then we get these Utah truck explosives detonated last week possibly destined for the SEARS TOWER which God forbid did'nt make it if that's where they where assigned for.


    yes i sure hope somebody could check SEARS for planted demolition charges thanks Sherry.


    Anyway i do find alot of credibility to Safe&Sounds post but God help you Americans in the event of another 911 or bigger :(

    i have Sherry Shriner doing a bible code on S&S so i should know soon if this 'agent' is a hoax or not and who he/she really is and what Faction S&S may be working for if it's a hoax...ta

    Here is the glp file on German Guy if you are interested...



    We have had the likes of Safe&Sound before with "Auzzie Bloke" and "German Guy" but S&S definitely takes the cake.

    Please note i do not come here to spread FEAR...thanks

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